What does it mean to…..

…. move THROUGH, into THRIVING?  Let’s pick this apart, bit by bit, and take a look.

First, hello and welcome!  Thank you for stopping by.  This is warm and welcoming place to visit for inspiration; to read, learn, grown, experience, reflect, and ultimately (hopefully!!) a place to gain knowledge, strength, and encouragement.

All too often navigating this life and our relationships, we falter in confusion, even pain.  We may find ourselves in a difficult (or toxic) relationship.  We may find ourselves struggling with the demands of daily life.  We may find ourselves asking in a perplexed and often tremulous inner voice, “How did I get here, and what do I do about it?”  Through the complexities of life, work, and relationships, we may indeed forget the power that resides within; the POWER each of us has internally to make positive change.  Rather than focusing on what may be happening to us, let’s move the focus to what WE are choosing to DO through our actions and reactions, what WE think, believe, accept, and expect.  Let’s move inward through exploration of what we believe about ourselves and others, what we accept into our lives, where our expectations may lead to difficulty, and how to make lasting positive change.

The people in our lives matter to the quality of our lives; our CHOICES (perceptions, actions, and reactions) matter more.  Our careers and work environments matter to the quality of our lives; our CHOICES (perceptions, actions, and reactions) matter more.  Our RELATIONSHIPS add to (or detract from) the quality of our lives; our CHOICES (perceptions, actions, and reactions) matter more.  Sensing a theme here?  Good!  While so much of ‘life, work, and relationships’ may seem to happen TO us, the ultimate reality is our CHOICES, our very own perceptions, actions, and reactions truly matter so much more.

Yes, we’ll talk about relationships – a LOT.  Yes, we’ll pick apart who is doing what, what THEY (no matter who they are; wives and husbands, girlfriends and boyfriends, family members, platonic friends, etc.) think and feel, who is in our lives, who is OUT of our lives, and the situations and scenarios we ‘find’ ourselves in.  Yes, we’ll talk.  We’ll also move the focus from WHO is doing / saying what, into what YOU are doing and saying.  We’ll move the focus from what they are thinking and feeling, to what YOU are thinking and feeling.  We’ll move focus onto the ONLY person over which you have control – YOURSELF.

Spend some time here.  Relax, and grab a cup of tea, coffee, or maybe pack a cooler and settle in for the long haul of self-exploration and growth.  Read.  Reflect.  Learn.  Grow in your sense of self, empowerment, and truth – and move through (whatever it may be), to thriving.  Surviving is no longer enough, should never be enough! Although many may settle for a plateau of contentment telling themselves “It’s really not THAT bad.  I’m doing okay, all in all”, is that ALL we are meant to feel and experience? Being content is not necessarily a horrible state in which to be, however there can be so much MORE.

Let’s get into it.  Let’s Move Through, To Thriving! Best, L.A.





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