Part IV – Tools of a Narcissist: ‘Information as Ammunition’

~Be aware of this very important Narcissistic Abuse Tool: “Information as Ammunition”. Best, L.A.~

Move Through, To Thriving!

Hello, everyone – thank you for joining me.  With Parts I, II, and III, we’ve covered some common tactics, tools if you will, that most (if not all) narcissists (narcs) use against their victims.  It is my hope that with education and awareness, you’ll be able to better identify these behaviors when you experience them and further, to make decisions to eliminate from your life anyone who behaves in such ways.  The tactics of ignoring, projection, deflection, gaslighting, etc., are very real forms of abuse, and are suffused all throughout a narc relationship.  The only way to eliminate the affects of this abuse, is to eliminate the person who acts in such ways.  Even afterward, healing can take years.  The healing process is not to be rushed; it is too important to your future mental and emotional health. This type of abuse over time, erodes our very sense of self…

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